​Built 1891
The Pines located in Grass Valley, Ca on the famous Rough and Ready Highway has been some kind of business for over 100 years.  The main house (now the front desk and owners home) was once a country store with the owners living quarters upstairs.

Some time around 1910 or 1920 the 7 units on the back of the property along with  the cottage were built. They housed many Gold Miners from Cornwall, England.

In the 40s it was a hip motor lodge complete with old time gas station, (tank removed  years ago at great expense due to new California laws).

Rough and Ready Hwy became much less traveled when hwy 20 was built and the property fell into some disrepair and received a full overhaul by the new owners in 2009.

Still  the country property that is true to it's roots, it now can boast of many comforts that the Miners of the 20s would never even have dreamed.
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The Pines Motel & Cottages
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The Pines
When it was called 
The Shady Rest
Grass Valley History

The centerpiece of Grass Valley is a vibrant downtown section, just blocks from the pines,  has been serving the community since shortly after gold miners arrived in 1849. This commercial district has everything from a historic hotel to art galleries, diverse restaurants, wine tasting rooms great shopping, a world renowned farmers market and a center for the arts.

Downtown buildings constructed in the late 1880s co-exist with architecture of later eras like Art Deco. In the 1980s, Grass Valley was recognized as a self-initiated Main Street City by the State of California Main Street Program. Services included an evaluation of store fronts by an architect who visited the area and suggested ways to preserve the historic character.

Main Street received a facelift in 1998 complete with trees, flower boxes and a Victorian clock strategically placed at the corner of Mill and Main Streets. It serves as the area’s centerpiece.

Looking back, the first settlers to set foot in the area were from Oregon, and came in 1848 after hearing that gold had been discovered. Soon, the rush for gold was on, and a group of 20 formed the nucleus of a town.

There were a lot of firsts in 1850 – the first store, hotel and family. That year an important discovery took place, or so the story goes, when a miner looking for his missing cow knocked loose a rock which glittered. He crushed it and found gold in the quartz. Prior to that time, miners were involved in placer mining or mining for free gold in creeks and among gravel. Grass Valley grew in a matter of months from about 20 cabins to 150 buildings including stores. Saloons were plentiful and gambling popular.

In 1855, the population rose to 3,500, but then a devastating fire destroyed 300 buildings including virtually all of the business district. One bright light was provided by A. Delano, the Wells Fargo agent. Seen pulling a shanty down the street, he backed it up to the company’s brick vault still standing among the ruins and opened for business amid the warm ashes.

Another setback occurred when early mining success was followed by failure as easily accessible gold became difficult to find. However, in the 1860s techniques were improved and a very profitable hardrock or underground mining industry was established.

The most successful mine was the Empire. It was shut down in 1956, and today is a State Historic Park. Tin miners from Cornwall, England contributed much toward the development of Grass Valley’s important hardrock mining industry, and they introduced the Cornish pump used to keep the mines dry.

Closing of the mines by the war production board in the 1940s, along with the government’s fixed price of gold at $35 an ounce, contributed to the end of mining in Grass Valley, as did labor disputes.

It is said, however, that millions of dollars worth of gold remain, and there just may come a day when the value of gold makes it worthwhile to reopen the now silent mines.
History of the
Town of Rough and Ready
Just 5 miles up the road from The Pines
One of the first settlements in Nevada County was Rough and Ready some five miles west of Grass Valley. Established in the fall of 1849, it quickly grew to a thriving town of 3,000, and went down in history as having seceded from the Union.
The town was founded by a group of miners led by Captain A.A. Townsend. He served under "Old Rough and Ready" Zachary Taylor, commander of American forces in the Mexican War. He so admired Taylor, he named his company Rough and Ready, a name the town adopted.
Early mining success was dampened when the government imposed a Mining Tax on all claims. The miners were furious. On April 7, 1850, a meeting was held and the decision was made to secede from the Union. An independent state was organized, a president elected and constitution signed. The new republic didn't last long for when it came time to celebrate the Fourth of July Old Glory went up the flag pole and that was that.
History is resurrected each year at Rough and Ready's Secession Day celebration held the last Sunday in June. A highlight of the day long event is "The Ongoing Saga of Rough and Ready," performed by the Rough and Ready Rascals.
Visitors to this quiet rural community will find several old buildings still standing that date from the 1850s including the W.H. Fipping Blacksmith Shop and Grange Hall.

A Couple of pictures of the hard working men  in the Empire Mine that created the great and beautiful foundation for Grass Valley as it is today.